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BioAg Group, Inc. Announces First Crop Harvest

Fayetteville, AR (June 1, 2020)

BioAg Group, Inc is excited to announce the commencement of its first Hemp Harvest for 2020.

Equipment is rolling though the fields of Bakersfield California today where BioAg Group’s farming partner (Harvest Farm Group) is bringing in its first high quality hemp crop of 2020. Using state of the art harvesting equipment, they are quickly stripping and bagging the hemp product we call “BioMass” in preparation for transport to the processing facility.

“Early indications are very good for pounds per acre yield and quality” says Joseph Hooper, CEO of BioAg Group. The crop appears to be yielding above average quantities per acre with excellent quality. The plants have been tested daily up to the start of the harvest and indicate an average pure CBD content of over 11%. Once the product arrives at the warehouse, processing technicians will work around the clock to process the Biomass into 99.9% medical grade CBD.

The current harvest is one of three 200 acre crops scheduled to be brought in for BioAg Group in 2020 with the second and third crops due in August and December. Pricing and market demand for the highest medical grade CBD appears to be strong in the United States and even stronger in other countries like Canada and the UK. “Market timing helps BioAg Group get above average pricing for its CBD products” says Joseph Hooper. While many hemp producers in the United States rely on only one crop per year which comes to harvest in the fall, BioAg Group with its power house farming partner (Harvest Farm Group) takes full advantage of multiple crops staggered throughout the year to bring product to the market when CBD stock piles are lower.

To learn more about BioAgGroup and its farming operations go to or contact Joseph Hooper at 270-991-6858

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