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Hemp Processing is Under Way in California

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Hemp Processing is Under Way in California

Fayetteville, AR (August 17th, 2020)

BioAg Group, Inc announces the start of hemp processing for it’s first crop of 2020.

The first harvest for BioAg Group has arrived at the processing facility in Victorville, California where

BioAg Group’s farming partner (Harvest Farm Group) has started processing it’s high-quality hemp into

pharmaceutical grade CBD. Using the latest state of the art equipment, processing technicians will work

around the clock to process the Biomass. The end product will be a full spectrum 99.9% pure

cannabinoid which commands the highest price in the industry.

“Buyers have been secured with favorable pricing for the final product and our crop yielded above

average quantities per acre with excellent quality” says Joseph Hooper, CEO of BioAg Group.

Harvest Farm Group’s processing equipment utilizes an “Eco-Extraction Technology” which uses ethanol

as the solvent to produce a more-pure product for the customer. Spinning Disc Reactors and

hydrodynamic cavitation in a Silent Closed-Loop system runs with a low audible footprint and conserves

water. “This system is considered to be the most energy efficient extraction system available” says

Robert Mitchell, Vice President of BioAg Group. There are also no airborne chemicals to breathe in or

need for huge air exhaust systems. This extraction equipment produces a full spectrum CBD oil right out

of the system. The hemp oil is rich in all extracted components and is then further processed into isolate

powder which is in high demand.

To learn more about BioAgGroup and its farming operations go to or contact

Joseph Hooper at 270-991-6858

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