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BioAg Group Nears Completion of Second Harvest

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Fayetteville, AR (September 25, 2020)

Harvest Farm Group reported that its harvesting its second 600-acre crop of 2020 on September 21st and expects all the plants to be out of the field no later than Saturday the 26th. Two additional dryers were added to speed up drying and allow crews to move more quickly through the process of trimming and bagging the biomass. Weather continues to be favorable for farming operations in Bakersfield, California as other growers struggle with snow, cold snaps, and overly wet conditions, not to mention COVID19 related labor issues. BioAg Group with its mega farming partner (Harvest Farm Group) is incredibly pleased with how 2020 is playing out which otherwise has been an exceedingly difficult year for most businesses.

As Harvest Farm Group continues to process its medical-grade CBD isolate from its first harvest of 2020, orders and pricing are ramping up, particularly from international customers. “We have been building a large inventory of isolate so HFG will be prepared to offer its product to larger and more demanding corporate purchasers,” says Joseph Hooper, President of BioAg Group.

To learn more about BioAgGroup and its hemp farming operations, go to or contact Joseph Hooper at 270-991-6858


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