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BioAg Group Announces First Sales of CBD

Fayetteville, AR (August 4, 2020)

BioAg Group, Inc announces the first sales of CBD from it’s May 29th harvest.

BioAg with its farming partner (Harvest Farm Group) continues to refine crude hemp oil into medical grade CBD from it’s first harvest of 2020. Once the biomass has been processed for the “first run” crude CBD oil, the processors then turn their attention to re-running the oil three to four additional times through the system to achieve the purity and quality they are looking for. After passing through a system of extremely fine filters the 99.9% pure CBD product is ready for the atomizer which converts the oil into the end product of medical grade isolate powder.

“Pricing for FDA approved medical grade isolate powder continues to increase week over week” says Joseph Hooper, CEO of BioAg Group.

BioAg Group secured its first sale of isolate powder last week and continues to watch as prices rise ahead of the coming harvest season. By being ahead of most Hemp farmers on the 2020 growth cycle, Harvest Farm Group is well positioned to take advantage of rising prices as customers secure their orders of isolate for a growing variety of end user products.

To learn more about BioAgGroup and its farming operations go to or contact Joseph Hooper at 270-991-6858

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