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BioAg Group Accumulates CBD As Demand Continues To Grow

Fayetteville, AR (October 16, 2020) 

BioAg Group, a fast-growing company rooted in biological farming innovation, continues to build inventories of CBD in anticipation of large orders.  “At this time we are working to finalize four or more large contracts with major industry buyers, including several household names,”  says Joseph Hooper, President of BioAg Group. “We strive to secure a steady sales volume of up to 20,000 kilos of medical grade CBD isolate per month.”

Stockpiles of CBD powder awaits final refining and packaging at Harvest Farm Group’s facility in Reno, Nevada.  

As processing continues at all four HFG facilities, equipment continues to be added to increase capacity and speed of processing.  “Better technology and improvements in equipment continue to change the game for hemp processing but availability of new equipment and slow construction/delivery schedules remain a challenge to our growth plans,” says Robert Mitchell, Vice President of BioAg.

Future plans for BioAg Group and HFG include a new state of the art facility located on the farm near Bakersfield, California.  “Bringing more processing capacity closer to the fields in Bakersfield makes sense and will improve efficiency. This is an important goal for our company that we continue to pursue” says Joseph Hooper.     

To learn more about BioAg Group and its hemp farming operations, go to or contact Joseph Hooper at 270-991 6858 or

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