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Robert is a graduate of Western Kentucky University with a degree in Real Estate and is an active Real Estate Broker of nineteen years.  During his career he has gained vast experience as an Operations Manager for various Real Estate and Oil and Gas ventures and now focuses his skills on the fast-growing hemp industry.  Roberts first summer job in high school was working for a large farming operation growing tobacco.  He now strives to carry that knowledge and his business experience over to the hemp industry. 


Joseph started his career as a commodities broker and has extensive experience in the management and operations of complex and diverse business interests.   As a private venture capital investor for over 30 years, he has owned and operated various businesses in areas of technology, oil and gas, real estate and media.  On his Kentucky farms he currently plants corn, soybeans and has a commercial cow / calf operation.


Bahrurn is an experienced operations manager with many years in the behavioral health industry. His focus at BioAg Group includes managing the delivery of communications, interacting with investors, and digital media efforts across multiple platforms. In his free time, Bahrurn enjoys playing music where he has toured with bands and also owned and operated a professional recording studio. He also enjoys hunting, fishing and hiking. 


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Kandis is the daughter of Joseph Hooper. Kandis worked for a health care facility in Southern California that was ranked #5 on the list of the fastest-growing companies. She managed a team of over 100 employees in all aspects of their employment. In 2016 Kandis was visited by an agent of the Department of Defense who presented her with the Patriot Award for her efforts in staffing members of our armed forces. From there Kandis went on to manage a medical billing software company in Irvine, CA. Kandis has always had her father in her corner giving her advice throughout her career. She joined BioAg to work with her hero.




David Grew up in a small Kentucky town the son of a gospel quartet singer, David has spent most of his adult life in the entertainment industry. 


David serves as the assistant to the president of the company, Joseph Hooper. David and Joseph have worked together for over 16 years in various industries and today David is responsible for scheduling appointments, developing and maintaining relationships with new partners, filing and keeping accurate records, and various other duties. 



Deborah is the widow of the late Fredrick Hooper (Joseph’s brother) with whom Joseph worked with for many years in the financial industry.  “Rick” was a professional sales trainer and teacher, leading sales teams for capital formation in multiple industries.  Deborah worked closely with Rick up until his passing in early 2020 and joined the BioAg Group team as an Investment Relations Specialist.

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