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 For more information contact Joseph Hooper at 270-991-6858 or email at
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Bringing Vitamin, Supplement & Pharmaceutical Production Back To America!

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PO BOX 11736 Fort Smith, AR 11736


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Project Features:

  • 25,000ft2 Building

  • 5 ½ Acres of Land

  • Set to be ISO, cGMP & FDA Certified

  • Currently 75% Complete

  • Closed Loop System

  • State of the Art Design and Construction

  • Able to Produce the Highest Quality Vitamins and Supplements

  • Owned and Operated in the Heartland of America

Palm Facility
Dixie Facility
  • Over10,000ft2 Building

  • Approx.1 Acre of Land

  • 2 Stories

  • Fully fabricated

  • Attached Warehouse

  • Beautiful Office Space

  • High Quality Amenities

  • Bathrooms, Kitchen.

  • 2 Conference Rooms

Here is some information on our Palm facility, which is currently 75% complete.

The building is 25,000sf and sits on just over 5 1/2 acres. It is planned to be a GMP, ISO, FDA certified processing facility that can process supplements and vitamins from the natural products catalog. We have high fenced the entire facility from the back and the sides. The land that we have in the back has multi uses, one idea being to build 20,000sf of glass greenhouses so we can grow ingredients right on site. We have HVAC and Hepa filtration which allows us to achieve clean room GMP air quality standards. There are no particulates in the airflow, it circulates so many times per minute / per hour maintaining the same temperatures and humidity across the building. This building has been built from the beginning to achieve all these certifications. The ceiling has fire suppression throughout the entire facility. This is mandatory in a lab facility like this. Eye-wash and safety stations are located throughout the facility. This process / building has been built to be very sterile and clean within a continuous process from one end of the building to the other so that there is no contamination of crossing paths. Material comes in one way and continues down each room / section until it comes out the other end as a finished good. We have designed this building this way to make sure that we are building the safest products that people can put in their bodies and that we can do this efficiently.  We have a closed loop system which means that the products never have to leave the equipment. Product travels from one machine to the other seamlessly. This ensures reduction on possible contamination as well as automates and lowers the labor needed.  The equipment installed has all been built on the premise that it will be an FDA certified facility. The entire facility has security access through badges meaning there are no doors with keys utilized.

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