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What is BioAg Group?

BioAg Group is the brainchild of Harvest Farm Group's president who developed a partnership with Joseph Hooper. They dreamed up a path to enterprise wonderful and sustainable opportunities for both investors and consumers.

Our projects bring wholesome ideals to cutting edge business practices that don’t leave a margin for anything less than the best. These forward thinking projects allow the future to be at an arm's reach while helping bring forth a better tomorrow. 

From "seed to farm to sale", BioAg and Harvest Farm Group controls its own destiny by controlling the hemp and hemp derived CBD ecosystem and executes everything from growing and cultivating to managing extraction and production of its products. We make only the finest 99.9% pure medical-grade CBD isolate from our hemp.


Hemp represents a rare opportunity for investors to be on the ground floor of a new and emerging industry. Many investors, from high net worth and institutional to those of smaller size, are looking for ways to invest in hemp and to make this rapidly growing industry a key part of their investment portfolio. There are very few private investment options that are focused only on the growth and processing of hemp.